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Time zone difficulties
        January 07, 2016     22h43     0 Comments

This Christmas break, I opted to take an extra week off and spend 3 weeks in the US. To be honest, not much happens at work the week after the holidays: teachers are finishing up their corrections and the administrative staff is getting back into the groove of things. We don't have any final exams to organize, so things are pretty calm. I told my colleagues that I'd be available by email this week, so if there is anything to deal with, they don't feel like I've abandoned them.

One of the biggest obstacles of email, however, is the 6-hour time difference. When I wake up in the morning, around 9am or 10am most days, it's already 3pm or 4pm in France - the workday is almost over! So I wake up and check my phone and BOOM, I've got 16 emails to deal with before my morning cup of coffee.

I realize that this is not the biggest problem in the world (#FirstWorldProblems anyone?), but it is difficult sometimes to stay on top of things AND spend time with my family and friends.

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