a few more words you say at almost 19 months old
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I forgot some words in my last list, and I didn't want to forget them, so here they are.

- dodo (sleepy time)
- nounou (nanny - you talk about her all the time, even on the weekends, and we have to explain that while nounou loves you, she also has her own life!)
- doudou (comfort object, like a stuffed animal)

- yeah

A current list of words you say at 18+ months old
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Dear Chloé,

You have been talking up a storm recently, and it seems like you whip out a new word every day! Here is a list of the words that you’ve said, in both English and French:

In French:
Là (“there”, pointing to the floor to tell us where to sit or pointing to your mouth to tell us where to put your food or pointing at our feet to show us where to put your socks or shoes)
Ah oui! (“oh yes!”, usually said with loads of enthusiasm)
De l’eau (“some water” – you ask for water a lot, so we hear this often, but we’re happy that you’re so well hydrated!)
Ballon (“ball”)
Au revoir (“Goodbye”)
Bébé (“baby”)

In English:
Avocado (but you call it “ah-go”, which is just too cute! It’s your favorite thing to eat
Pineapple (but you pronounce it “papple”)
Two (I count “one”, and then you say, “twooooooooooooo” in an increasingly high pitched voice and it’s one of the most adorable things ever)
Crack (we call your kid’s Tylenol “baby crack”, which is not very politically correct, but you’ve apparently heard it enough to repeat it!)

In the past week or two, you’ve even started putting two words together: “more book” and “two more” are the first that come to mind.

We’ve also taught you a number of gestures, like rubbing your tummy when something is yummy and clinking glasses before we drink, as well as a little baby sign language such as the signs for “more” and “all done” (very helpful when you’re eating!) Oh, and the sign for “baby”, since it’s a word that you love to say so much.

We love you to the moon and back!

Mama and Papa

Chloé is 17 months old today!
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Dear Chloé,

Today you are 17 months old, and you're really your own independent self now.

You are speaking up a storm. In English, you now say “baby”, “belly”, “bottle”, “more” (with the associated sign language gesture), pee pee, booboo and probably a few more words that I can’t remember. In French, you say, “nounou” (nanny), “dodo” (sleep), “bobo” (booboo), “pipi” (pee pee – it’s identical in sound so it’s hard to know if you’re saying it in French or in English!), “ballon” (ball), and you’re favorite, “allez!” (let’s go) as you point at the door.

You love to imitate the barking dogs in the park outside, and we often go visit them when we spend time in the park so that you can “communicate” with them. I’ve been teaching you how to tweet like a bird, so we often tweet at the birds we see too.

You’ve started feeding yourself with a fork. Last weekend, I bought you a Victoria pineapple to try, and we cut it into pieces and put it in front of you, and you very happily stabbed away until you got each and every last piece. You really dislike getting your hands dirty, so I think you appreciate the fork that much more.

You still love to eat, which is wonderful for me and Papa because we’re introducing you to so many new and interesting flavors. We’ve moved away from jars of baby food because you enjoy eating regular food so much more. You’re a big fan of blue cheese (you had some fourme d’ambert with pears tonight!), and you absolutely love Papa’s boeuf bourgignon.

You are now very steady on your feet, and you’ve started running around … which has inevitably led to a few scraped knees. For weeks after, you would point at your scraped knee and say, “booboo!” as if you were seeing it for the first time. It was adorably cute. Tonight, you had marker on your knee, and you thought it was a booboo, so I licked my finger and wiped it away … and you proceeded to do the same thing!

You love to give hugs and kisses, and when Papa or I leave the apartment, you give us a kiss and then wave as you say, “bye bye au revoir” multiple times. It’s one of the highlights of my day! Along with how excited you get when we pick you up from the nanny or when we get home and you’re already home.

In 2.5 weeks, you and I are headed back to the US to visit family (especially Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Ingrid and Uncle Mark) and friends before we come back to France to spend Christmas with Papa and his family (mamie and papy). You’ve recently gotten into animated story books (through the application Vooks), so I bought you some kids’ headphones and hopefully I’ll be able to keep you occupied on the plane. I’m not too worried though, as you love waving at people and “chatting” with them. You are quite the little chatterbox (you get that from me!), even though we don’t understand 100% of what you’re saying yet.

You love to be silly: one of your favorite activities at the moment is spinning around in circles. You complete a spin and then look at me, grinning, until I call you silly … and then you spin again. It’s very endearing, and it makes me want to keep you this age forever. But then I see how far you’ve come in 17 months, and I’m so excited to help you develop into the person you’re meant to be!

You light up our lives with your bright smile and your big hugs, and it’s such a gift to be your parents!


Chloé is 12 months (and 28 days) old!
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Dear Chloé,

Almost a month ago you turned one, and things have been so busy around there that I didn't find the time to write your monthly letter!

Grandma came to visit for a week to celebrate your birthday. You hadn't seen her in 6 months, so you were a little unsure of her at first, but after a day, you were thrilled to sit and play with her. She did a lot of babysitting while she was here - on your birthday, Papa and I had to go pick out our new floor, then on Friday Papa and I both had to work, and then on Saturday Papa and I went out to eat with your godfather Nicolas. You and Grandma had a wonderful time!

On July 1st, you gave us the scare of our lives. When I picked you up from nounou, you were hot, but we were just coming out of a heatwave, so I thought it was just the heat. I gave you a bath to cool you off, but then you didn't want to drink your bottle (and you LOVE to eat!). When Papa tried to feed you, you threw up, so we put you back in the bath. Papa called the SAMU to find out what to do, and when I took your temp, you were over 38C. The SAMU never gave Papa an answer, so we decided to take you to the ER. You were starting to get very listless, and it was worrying. On the way to the hospital, you had convulsions and Papa had to drive through red lights and around cars to try to get to the hospital faster. Luckily we came across some first responders who called for an ambulance and started working to get your temp down by putting wet cloths under your armpits and between your legs. You had more convulsions in the ambulance before we headed to the hospital. Papa and I were terrified, but the first responders remained calm. Once we got to the hospital, they gave you some tylenol and you fell asleep on top of me as we waited to be seen from the doctor. We learned that these convulsions, febrile seizures, are your body's way of protecting your brain. They're genetic (Papa did the same thing to Mamie and Papy when he was 2), and the only way to prevent them is to try to catch the fever in time and treat it with tylenol and wet cloths. You won't remember them, and they won't leave any lasting effects. Your fever was due to a viral sore throat (that you must have picked up from the other kids), and it lasted about a week. We gave you tylenol every 6 hours for that week, and when you woke up at between 1 and 2am, it would take an hour for the tylenol to kick and to bring your temp back down with wet cloths.

And then, right as you were getting better, I got sick with the same viral sore throat and fever, and I understood why it had affected you so badly. For almost a week, swallowing felt like knives in my throat, and the fever persisted over 3 or 4 days. And now it seems like Papa has got it.

Enough talk about being sick. Let's talk about your development! You have developed a strong personality over the last month, and you are now very insistent about what you want, and when (now!). You’ve mastered pointing, and you often grunt as you point in a general direction, which means that we have to figure out what you’re trying to communicate. It’s a challenge, but you’re relatively patient as we figure it out! You love to wave, at anyone and anything, and your double-handed wave is one of our favorites. You’re a very smiley baby, and everyone comments on your big blue eyes.

You love going out, and if we stay in for most of the day, you get restless around 4 or 5pm. When we put you in the stroller, you’re very happy to run errands with us; you look around and wave and smile as we walk around town.

You’ve gotten very sturdy on your legs, and thanks to one of Grandma’s birthday presents (two pairs of new shoes), you love walking around – but only if someone is holding your hands! Papa and I are pretty sure that you’ll be walking on your own by the end of the summer.

You understand when we talk to you, both in French and in English, but other than “mamamamama” and “dadadada”, you’re not saying any words that we understand. You do talk quite a lot, though, and we have “conversations” where we respond to you and encourage you to talk, even if we don’t really know what you’re saying. It’s so fun to help you develop your language skills!

In about an hour, Papa is driving the two of us to the airport. We’re off to Boston to see Grandma and Grandpa and other family and friends. Papa has to stay behind to oversee the apartment renovations that we have to do. He’s very sad because he’s going to miss us a lot, but we’ll videochat with him so that you can see his face. You’ll be so happy to see him when we get back in 4 weeks!

There are probably many things that I’m forgetting, but I want to get this published before I have to finish packing. It’s almost time for your 13-month letter, so I’ll just add the extra information in there.

Papa and I love you to the moon and back!


Chloé is 11 months (and one day) old!
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Dear Chloé,

Yesterday you turned 11 months old! It's hard to believe that in one month, you'll be one. It seems like just yesterday that we were waiting for you to be born, and now you’re going to be one.

We spent last weekend with Mamie and Papy in Abrest. They loved playing with you, and Mamie especially was enjoying sitting on the floor next to you and helping you play with the different toys that she found. She kept quite a few things from when Papa was a baby, and you were having fun playing with those toys!

Let’s see, what new things can you do? A few weeks ago, you started pointing at things, and now it’s almost non-stop. You’re interested in everything! We are loving how curious you are about the world around you. You also started nodding a few days ago. You must have done it with Papa before I saw you do it because he didn’t seem surprised when I told him about it. (Side note – on the drive back from Mamie and Papy’s house yesterday, you were upset so I was singing to you, and in the middle of my singing you stopped crying and started nodding. That made me laugh as I was singing!)

You have become a champion crawler. Up until late last week, you were finding ways to move around (rolling over, sitting up and then throwing yourself forward onto your belly, etc.), but as of this weekend in Abrest, you are crawling on all fours. You’re fast too (and so so curious!), so we really have to keep a close eye on you. You LOVE standing up (you have VERY strong legs!), but for now you can only stand when someone holds you up. Papa and I are pretty sure that you’ll be walking before the end of the summer.

You still love to talk, and even if we don’t understand what you’re trying to tell us, we respond to you and it makes you so happy. It might be one of the reasons why you love to talk so much! We hear lots of “bouab bouab” and “galee galee galee”. We’ve decided that “bouab” means “I love you”, so when you say it to us, we respond, “I love you too!”

You’re still a wonderful eater too. You’ve developed a special love of bananas, as I often eat one for breakfast. You’ll see me eating it and point at it with a big smile on your face, sometimes even licking your lips. I’ll grab a small spoon and give you little bites, and you get so happy! We shared a banana this morning, and I bought more bananas on my way home from work today so that we can share another banana tomorrow morning.

You’ve been sleeping through the night consistently for about a month now, except when you came down with a cold a week ago (but even with a cold you were a relatively happy baby!). Papa and I have been enjoying getting more sleep – maybe a little too much, as we’re back to going to bed between 10 and 11pm instead of the 9pm bedtime we had when you were smaller.

We videochat with Grandma and Grandpa as often as we can. They were just in Florida for a 3-week vacation, so we were able to videochat with them while they were on the beach. Grandma showed you the Gulf of Mexico!

The next month is going to be pretty busy: my cousin Maria is coming to visit (from Egypt, where she works), and then we’re going back to see Mamie and Papy for a long weekend. Then Grandma is coming for your first birthday!

“For never before in story or rhyme
Not even once upon a time
Has the world ever known a you, my friend,
And it never will, not ever again.”
~ On The Night You Were Born (Nancy Tillman)

We love you to the moon and back, and we’re thrilled that you’re a part of our family!


Chloé is 10 months (and three days) old!
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Dear Chloé,

On Friday you turned 10 months old! We were at Mamie and Papi's house over the weekend, and I didn't have my computer, which is why this letter is a few days late. I hope you'll forgive me!

You have grown *so much* in the last month! You now wave with both hands, and you do it every day. In the car on the way back to Lyon yesterday, you started playing mouth guitar = making noise with your mouth and using your finger to move your lips. You did it quite a bit today too! You also roll over, back and forth, and you've started pushing yourself backwards when you're on your stomach. I think that crawling is not too far off in the future! You have a play space on the floor now, and you sit there surrounded by your toys while we watch you from the couch. You’re our entertainment now, and we couldn’t be happier! You grab a toy, you stick it in your mouth, you wave at us, you grab another toy, you throw the first one … we could watch you for hours.

You are a kind and gentle baby. You often offer us your toy, and we take it and say “thank you” before we give it back to you. You also love to give us kisses – big, open-mouthed, sloppy, wet kisses on our cheeks. Tonight you did it a few times as I was getting your bottle ready after your bath, and it caught me by surprise because I didn’t ask you for any kisses. I also thank you and tell you how nice and sweet you are (before I give you a kiss back), and I think that the positive reinforcement is working. Those sloppy Chlo Chlo kisses are one of the highlights of my day.

You still love to eat, and even when you don't really like something, you still eat it. Great job! You didn't really like the green vegetables with mushrooms and cream, but to be honest, Papa and I didn’t think it smelled too great either. Don’t worry, we won’t buy you that one anymore! You’ve even started eating pieces of food, especially fruit. The other day, I gave you some pieces of fresh mango, banana, and blueberries, and you were so excited! You also tried strawberries as well (the French strawberry season started early this year), and you loved them. Papa and I are thrilled that you’re a great little eater. We even bought a new baby/toddler cookbook so that we can try and make you some interesting baby food. Papa is going to be looking after you this week (because I have to go back to work), so he might have some time to try out a recipe or two!

We decided to do sleep training again at the beginning of the holidays, so about 10 days ago. We had two nights that were a bit difficult – the first night you were awake and crying from 12:50am to 2:15am – but since then, you’ve been sleeping through the night. I’m sure that there will still be nights when you wake up, but it’s nice that we are all getting more sleep.

In terms of speaking, well, you’re talking up a storm! I think you’re going to take after your mama in that regard, which is fine by me! You love to babble, and you’re consistently saying “mama”. We haven’t heard any other real words, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not trying to communicate! We hear a lot of “ba” and “boo” sounds, and recently we started hearing a combination, “boo-ab”. You’re also pronouncing “l” sounds, and “d” sounds. We’re just waiting for “p” sounds so that you can say “papa”!

You don’t have any new teeth – you’re holding strong at 8 – but we think that some of your molars are trying to come through. You’ve been drooling a lot and putting your hands in your mouth, and when I let you hold the toothbrush, you constantly put it in the back of your mouth and you chew on it. Luckily you haven’t been too grumpy, but it would be nice if they could pop through and stop hurting you!

Papa and I often comment on how we lucked out in the baby lottery when you joined our family. You are the easiest baby, and it’s such fun to spend time with you. This afternoon I took you out in the stroller for a 1-hour walk around the park, and you loved it – you chewed on your teething toys, you looked at the people around you, and you babbled/laughed. You also love car rides (for the most part). I don’t know how much of your easygoing nature is luck and how much of it is how we’re raising you, but we are just so thrilled that you’re here, and we’re enjoying every minute that we get to spend with you.


Chloé is 9 months old (and two days)!
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Dear Chloé,

Two days ago, you turned 9 months old, but I haven't had time to sit down and write you this monthly letter. Your auntie Ingrid and Uncle Mark came to visit last weekend, and we took you to the wine expo on Sunday! You were so excited to see them on Friday that you woke up at 530am on Saturday. They left on Monday at noon, and since then, I've been trying to play catch up all week.

This morning when you woke up you weren't very hungry, and we fed you a little bit of formula ... which you proceeded to throw up. And then again. Papa and I decided to keep you home from the nanny: I'm looking after you this morning, and Papa will come home at lunchtime and look after you this afternoon. We hope that you don't stay sick for too long!

Over the past month, you've grown even more into a little girl. You love rolling over as much as you can, and you LOVE to talk (just like your mama!) Most mornings, we wake up to "mamamamamama babababa dada mamamama da bababa", and it makes us smile (even when it's a bit too early for us).

At your 9-month checkup on Tuesday, you measure 75cm (29.5 in) and weigh 9.52kg (21 lbs). The doctor says that you're very healthy: you're still at the top of the charts in height, but your weight has leveled back out.

You started waving right after you turned 8 months, and it's very cute. You open and close your fingers, sometimes directed at the person/people (but sometimes not), and when people respond in kind, you give them a BIG toothy smile.

You still love giving me big sloppy kisses (open mouth on the cheek), and you gave Papa one last week. You even gave Auntie Ingrid a few kisses on Monday before they left. Auntie Ingrid was very happy!

About a week ago, you started turning your head to the right when you're really interested in something, and you get so happy when we do it back to you (especially while we're feeding you!) You laugh and smile, and then you do it again.

Peekaboo has become a constant game around here. I put the burp cloth on your head and say, "Where's the baby?", and you pull it off and look at me while I say, "Oh, there you are!" and you laugh and laugh and laugh. We also play it when I put the burp cloth on my face and say, "Where's mama?" You pull the cloth off my face and are so proud of yourself when you "find" me. I could play this game with you over and over!

You're still loving the nanny, and she's wonderful with you. We made a great choice! You are always so excited to see your friends Coco, Anouk and Manec! It makes it much easier to drop you off in the morning, knowing that you're going to have a great time with the nanny and the other kids.

I've been writing daily gratitude lists on Facebook to help me focus on all of the positive things in my life, and you are always front and center. You are the light of our lives, and we are SO LUCKY!


Chloé is 8 months old!
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Dear Chloé,

Today you turned 8 months old, and Papa and I are still in awe that you're a part of our family.

Papa and I are on February break this week, and the weather has been unseasonably warm (mid 50s to low 60s F / 14 to 17C), so I took you to the park (parc Blandan) after your afternoon nap (Papa took advantage of our being out in order to vacuum and mop the floors in our apartment!). We sat on the Monkey Mat that Grandma and Grandpa bought us for Christmas, and we hung out together: we took some selfies (even a video selfie!), we "played" with your indestructible book (well, you grabbed it and shoved it in your mouth), and we watched the other people around us. There was a mom with her small baby in front of us, and after she left, there was a young woman in spandex who started working out. You were enthralled with her, and when she started doing jumping jacks, you copied her by bouncing up and down and waving your hands in the air (she laughed). You and I played a game where I had you on my lap, facing away from me, and I held your hands. I'd sing "up and down, up and down" while moving your arms up and down, and then I'd switch and sing "side to side" and move your arms side to side. You thought it was hilarious, and I can still hear your shrieks of joy and your giggles hours later. One of my favorite sounds!

In the last month, you have mastered rolling over. Papa and I often put you down on your playmat in the living room (so that we can do things like wash dishes or make dinner), and within a minute you're on your stomach, pushing yourself up to look around. Your feet are often moving as well, and it's only a matter of time before you figure out how to start crawling.

I'm pretty sure I've heard you say "mama" and "dada" a couple of times, but I'm not sure if you know the meaning of those words. On Valentine's Day, I'm convinced that you did: you said "mama" and then you looked right at me before burying your head in my neck ... but I might be projecting because I want to hear you say it so badly! I know that it's coming, as you talk almost constantly (like your mama!). In the mornings, we wake up to "ba ba ba ba ma ma da ba ba da da da ma ma ma ma ma ..." and Papa and I will hang out in bed and listen to you for a few minutes until you start to fuss.

Speaking of languages, I've also been trying to teach you a few words in sign language: mama, papa, drink, eat, milk, more, and all done. So far, you just look at me with a smile when I talk to you and sign at you, but I know that your brain is working and that soon you'll sign back at me. I just have to keep at it!

I came down with "la gastro" (the stomach flu) at the end of January (thanks to your Papa, who got a very mild version), but somehow you avoided it ... thankfully! You had a cold at the time, and a few weeks later you still have a wet cough, but you're eating normally and sleeping normally, so nothing to worry about. If it gets worse, we'll take you to the doctor next week.

For a while, you were sleeping through the night, but ever since our trip to the US, you're back to waking up once or twice to eat. We think you might be going through a growth spurt, as you seem to eat a full meal in the middle of the night, and since we're on vacation this week, we're dealing with it (and Papa will be on vacation next week too - you two will spend so much quality time together!). We hope that you start sleeping through the night again soon, but you've been such an easy baby so far, we're not going to complain!

Your Aunt Ingrid and Uncle Mark bought you a "super cube des decouvertes" (a discovery cube) for Christmas, and it has become your favorite toy. I keep it next to me on the couch, and when we're sitting on the couch and you can see it, you try to lunge toward it. Papa and I often take it with us to go sit on the bed; we put you between our legs and put the cube in front of you, and it keeps you occupied for hours! It plays music, it has lights, and it has loads of things to touch and play with.

Let's see, what else can I tell you? You still love bath time, and you've graduated from your lounging bath support to a sitting bath support. You still love going to the nounou (the nanny), and the other kids there love showering you with attention. You and I went to Coco's 3rd birthday party two weeks ago, and you were super chill - even the other moms who were there commented about how calm you were, surrounded by so many overexcited (and sometimes screaming) children! It's nice that when I drop you off with nounou, you don't cry or throw a tantrum (yet - I know it might still happen, but so far, so good!)

I'm somewhat behind in my work, but it's because my priorities have changed. When you're awake, I want to spend as much time as possible with you, so I put away my computer and I (try to) put away my smartphone so that I can concentrate on you. I know that I'll catch up on work soon enough, but you're only going to be this small once.

You are (and always will be) the light of our lives, and we love you very much!!


Chloé is 7 months old!
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Dear Chloé,

Today you turned 7 months old, and to "celebrate", you threw up all over me while I tried to burp you after your evening bottle. You were facing my face, and luckily I moved you/turned away at exactly the right time to avoid having you throw up all over my face. But it doesn't matter because you are the light of our lives, even when things don't go to plan!

Shortly after you turned 6 months old, you took your first transatlantic flight to go visit your American family (and to meet Mama and Papa's American friends)! You were the best little traveler - when we arrived in Boston after our 8-hour Paris-to-Boston flight, we stood up to stretch while we let everyone else get off, and quite a few passengers commented that they hadn't even realized that there was a baby on the flight! A wonderful compliment for a super chill baby. While you didn't sleep as much as we had hoped, you didn't cry either. We just kept you occupied with toys, and it all worked out. (Well, that mid-flight poopsplosion was something else, but luckily your Papa and I were on top of things and we managed to clean you up and change you into new clothes without too much of a problem. Our return flights (Boston-Paris and then Paris-Lyon) also went well, but by the end you were EXHAUSTED. You're such a trooper, and I hope that you continue to enjoy exploring and discovering the world.

We spent Christmas in the US with Grandma and Grandpa, and you met Auntie Ingrid and Uncle Mark. You enjoyed Christmas (as much as a 6-month-old can, which essentially means wrapping paper and boxes!), and our surprise for Grandma and Grandpa was that Papa and I hired a professional photographer to come to the house the day after Christmas to take family photos. Libby from All the Little Stories did a wonderful job, and now we have over 150 beautiful photos of our family!

While we were in the US, you did not really adjust to the new timezone (6 hours earlier than normal), and you woke up at 445am for the first few days. Despite the disruption to your routine, you were still a very happy baby, and we tried to make sure that you got enough sleep. When we got back to France on Jan 2nd, it took about a week to readjust to French time. A few days after we got back, we also noticed that you had three teeth about to come through on the top (the two front teeth and one of the side teeth on the top). As soon as they came through, you settled back into your normal routine ... except that for the last week or so, you've been waking up at 630am. We're not going to complain, as you sleep 7:30pm through to the morning, but I have to admit, Papa and I preferred when you woke up between 7 and 730!

Speaking of sleep, ever since you started rolling over consistently (on Dec 15th), you no longer sleep straight. We put you down straight, and when we come in to check on you or when we come to get you in the morning, you're sideways (with your head and feet pushed up against the bars of the crib) or you've done a full 180. It's become a game now: "what position is she in today?"

You've been babbling more than before, with some added consonants like "g" and "d". I can always make you laugh by looking straight at you and singing "ba ba ba ba baaaaaa" with a big smile on my face. Papa and I have "conversations" with you when you're chatty; even though we don't know what you're saying, we recognize that you're trying to communicate and we want to encourage you. Most of the time we use real words, but sometimes we babble back at you. You enjoy both! I think "papa" might be your first word (I talk to you about Papa a lot!), but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

You don't sit up on your own just yet, but you're almost there. We know that the nanny ("Nounou") encourages you to sit up by propping you up with cushions and pillows, and we have you sit and then hold you in a sitting position until you fall over. You like sitting up on the couch because it allows you to reach your toys ... and to lunge forward to grab things you're not supposed to, like the remote controls or our smartphones!

You started eating purees with gusto in the past month. Nounou gives you some pureed vegetables at lunch, and we give you pureed vegetables and meat for dinner before your bottle. Sometimes you even get a piece of crusty bread to suck on (and you love it!) You've also started eating more fruits. Tonight, for example, I made you a pear/apple compote, and the other day you had mango. So far, you haven't met a food you haven't liked. You love to eat - just like me and Papa!

We're really enjoying seeing your personality develop. It seems like you change daily, and we're so lucky to have schedules this year that allow us to spend so much time with you. You're a smiley, happy baby who almost always wakes up with a smile in the morning. We love you through and through (to steal a line from one of your books), and we're so so lucky to be your parents.


Chloé is 6 months (and two days) old!
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Dear Chloé,

You turned 6 months old two days again, and I didn't find the time to sit down and write your monthly letter. I apologize in advance and I hope that my oversight will not cause you to spend years in therapy.

Once of the reasons why I didn't find the time to write this is because I want to spend as much time as possible with you, and when you're awake, I try to put away my computer and my phone (except for taking pictures and video, of course!)

At your 6 month checkup the day before you officially turned 6 months, you weighed 9.010kg (almost 20 pounds) and you measure an even 70cm (27.5 inches). You were very smiley with the doctor, and she gave you a clean bill of health. Now that you've hit 6 months, we no longer have to go to the doctor every month. We'll see the doctor again at 9 months (unless you get sick or we get worried about your health before then, of course!)

Last Saturday (Dec 15th), you started rolling over on your own, and now it's one of your favorite things to do. You roll back to front and then push yourself up on your forearms and you look around, so proud of yourself. Papa and I clap and cheer you on, and it puts a big smile on your face. We have to keep a closer eye on you now, since you're rolling back and forth.

This morning you woke up at 545am, which was very early, so we decided to let you talk/cry for a bit in the hope that you would fall back asleep. You did ... but only for about 10 mins. I went in to get you, assuming you were hungry, and I found you lying perpendicular to your crib, and it seemed like you were stuck. I guess that's what happens when you roll around at night with a sleepsack on!

You *love* talking, and you're starting to use consonants like "b" and not just vowels anymore. I can always make you smile by sing-talking "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba" at you! And then you repeat it back to me, which makes me smile. We try to encourage your vocalizations as much as we can, even if sometimes they're a bit louder or higher pitched than we would like.

We've continued to feed you pureed food, and you still love everything: peaches, zucchini, avocado. Although the three days we fed you avocado, you didn't sleep very well, so we might have to test that one again to see if it was just a coincidence. And now that you're 6 months old, the doctor said that we should start giving you 10g of meat every day. That should be fun!

Some of your favorite toys at the moment are dumbo shrimp (an elephant with different shapes to hold on to that squeaks), tweet tweet (a bird attached to a circular rattle), and a fabric book that has a crinkly cover that makes noise when you grab it. Oh, and your feet - you LOVE your feet! In the last week or two, you've started grabbing your socks and trying to take them off. At night, when we take your socks off to put your pajamas on, it's like you rediscover your feet and you get SO EXCITED. It also makes it easier to stick them in your mouth (which you also do sometimes during bathtime!)

We've settled into a daily routine that goes something like this: 7am wakeup + bottle, 830-915 nap, 11am bottle, 12pm-2pm nap, 3pm bottle, 415-5pm nap, 630/7pm pureed food + bottle, then pajamas, story and bed before 8pm. It's a nice routine that allows Papa and me to have some time together before we have to go to sleep.

You and Papa have this amazing connection that just warms my heart. When he walks into the room, you light up, and you're so happy when he's holding you or carrying you around. He likes to pick you up and dance around the living room, and it makes you giggle so much.

We're looking forward to spending our first Christmas with you in a few days! You won't remember it, but I can guarantee you that we will (and don't worry, I'll be taking videos and photos to help 'jog' your memory later in life!)


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