Life List

This is a constantly evolving list of things I'd like to experience in my lifetime. This list gives me a solid overview of what I want to do in my life. It's a little cheesy, sure, but I'm a goal-oriented person.

  1. Go to a concert by myself [ACCOMPLISHED David Gray in Lowell, MA, January 30, 2003]
  2. Learn how to scuba dive
  3. Go parasailing (preferably off the Puy de Dme) [ACCOMPLISHED August 19, 2012]
  4. Get married
  5. Give birth
  6. Raise bilingual children (so that they can communicate with both sets of grandparents!)
  7. Pay off my student loans
  8. Go on a safari in Africa
  9. Travel to China
  10. Publish an article [ACCOMPLISHED October 2006, May 2012]
  11. Pass the French national teaching exam (CAPES) [ACCOMPLISHED May 2010]
  12. Pass the French national teaching exam (Agreg)
  13. Run a half marathon [ACCOMPLISHED Semi-Marathon de Beaune, Beaune, France, on November 17, 2007, Semi-Marathon du Lac d'Annecy, Annecy, France, on April 21, 2012]
  14. Run a marathon
  15. Stop biting my fingernails
  16. Interview my Grandma Lindblom about her life on video [ACCOMPLISHED August 2003, August 2007, August 2008]
  17. Compile all of the interviews with Grandma and give them to family members
  18. Join an association that helps others
  19. Visit Death Valley [ACCOMPLISHED August 2006]
  20. Take my parents on a trip
  21. Attend a Papal Audience at the Vatican [ACCOMPLISHED July 1997]
  22. Find a spiritual organization I believe in
  23. Write and self-publish a personal cookbook with my favorite recipes
  24. Learn enough German to hold a conversation
  25. Learn enough Arabic to be able to get around an Arabic-speaking country
  26. Take Damien on a trip to Rome, Italy
  27. Get back in touch (and STAY in touch) with my host family in Toulouse, France [ACCOMPLISHED October 2013]
  28. Attend a group yoga class [ACCOMPLISHED Christmas 2009]
  29. Eat a meal in a nice restaurant by myself [ACCOMPLISHED October 2009, Lyon, France]
  30. Get a permanent job at a French university [ACCOMPLISHED September 2012]
  31. Become a naturalized French citizen [ACCOMPLISHED April 21, 2009]
  32. Feel confident enough to wear short shorts at the gym
  33. Eat at a 3-star Michelin restaurant
  34. Attend a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  35. Knit something useful

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