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A New Year's Resolution
        January 06, 2016     23h38     0 Comments

One of my new year's resolutions this year is to write a handwritten letter, once a month, to one of my faraway friends. I love the experience of checking the mail and getting something from one of my friends or family. To me, it's 100x better than getting an email (probably because I get between 50 and 100 emails per day in my current job!). That joy of opening your mailbox and finding a handwritten note, card or letter ... that's the surprise that I want to put out there in the world. I think the world is filled with too much awfulness, and I'd like to do my small part to change that by putting more love out into the world. I'm still in the US for another couple of days, so I probably won't get around to writing the letter until I'm back in France. I don't know who I'm going to write to yet, but I know that I'll pick a deserving recipient

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